My New Favorite Coffee Table

My husband and I didn’t have a coffee table for years.  I know, it’s crazy.  But, prior to a baby in the house, we were concerned we’d use it as a dumping ground for old magazines, mail, and, well, coffee mugs.  After the baby arrived, we worried about him hurting himself or banging up the table.  We also never found anything we both liked.  Then, one day I wandered into an independent home furnishings store in my neighborhood and found what I was pretty certain would be the table for us.  Here it is and here’s why we love it:

  • it’s got a cool industrial look.  we love mid-century modern but already have several large mid-century pieces in the room, so this breaks it up and prevents the room from looking like a time capsule.
  • it’s super kid friendly — because it’s an old drafting cabinet, or something, with a wooden top screwed into it to convert into a coffee table, you can’t ruin it.  blueberry hands, you’ve got nothing on us!
  • it’s got awesome storage.  the drawers now house puzzles, blocks and other toys to keep our room sane.
  • it’s got wheels!!!  this table is often topped with a trainset so when the trains derail under the table, it’s a breeze to rescue them.

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