My New Favorite Wine

I recently traveled to Buenos Aires with my husband – our first getaway without our son since we welcomed him into the world.  It was a trip full of discoveries, a lot of walking, and some necessary gluttony.  While indulging in a decadent lunch at the stunning FAENA hotel I glanced at the white wines by glass and took a chance on a variety I had never heard of.  Enter Torrontés.          I quickly became obsessed with this wine I knew nothing about and spent the better part of our layover in Sao Paulo’s airport researching it.  After extensive research, I believe the one I sampled at FAENA’S El Mercado is made by Cinco Tierras.  Whatever it is, I tasted a lot of fruits upfront, peaches and pears balanced by some earthy florals and finally a nice mineral quality  that kept this wine from drinking too juicy-fruity.  I am now on a hunt to find Torrontés in my ‘hood.  I hope to put together my favorite picks in the coming weeks.  My prediction?  It’s the next big thing!


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