Skin Trip

In my ongoing quest to find natural products for myself and my family I stumbled upon this amazing product…Organic Argan Oil!  People are calling it “legendary” because of its high concentration of vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and protein.  It’s 100% natural and free of anything you don’t want in a skin care product including: Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.  This “liquid gold” can be used as an all-over skin moisturizer, spot treatment, hair treatment and to soften your cuticles.  I got mine, made by Acure, at for $14.99.Acure's Organic Argan Oil


2 thoughts on “Skin Trip

  1. Dying to know what your skin is like now? has the Argan been doing what you want it to do?? I’ve been looking for some. . . is this the one??

    • When I travel, I bring this bottle as an all-over face and body moisturizer which helps streamline my packing and keep my products to a minimum! I like this brand because it’s affordable and organic. I didn’t take before and afters, so I can’t attest to all the beauty benefits…but it’s a healthy, gentle moisturizer free of chemicals, which I really like, and it feels great when I dab it around my eyes first thing in the morning to kickstart hydration!

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