If you build it…they will come

Being a mom is great.  Really, it is.  But some days, time seems to stand still and I am left wondering what I am going to do with my child until dinner rolls around.  One day I found the most perfect pinecone, no easy feat in Los Angeles, and I knew it would be my ticket out of the doldrums for us when boredom struck.  You likely made one in childhood at sometime: The Pinecone Bird Feeder.  Super simple and not as much mess as I feared, we coated the pinecone in peanut butter, smooshing it into all the crevices, and then rolled it in birdseed.  I then tied a long hemp string to the top and hung it from a tree near our kitchen window.  We waited in anticipation, but it took a little while for our first customers to arrive.  I sped the process along by sprinkling some birdseed on the ground nearby.  But, 24 hours later, the tree was atwitter with birds of many colors all clamoring to get a piece of our hot, pinecone action!


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