Succulent Party!

Friends of ours joined us for brunch recently and, knowing that we are in the early stages of transforming our “can’t kill it/lowest of low maintenance/stuck in the 60’s (in a bad way)” garden, generously brought us a bucket spilling over with gorgeous succulents.  These friends are serious gardeners, they know their way around a compost pile, and they told me that they broke off pieces of their various succulents and all I had to do was simply dig a hole and stick the succulent in.  No need to “burn” the stem (something I’ve only heard referenced, but have no clue what it means) or watch it sit on my windowsill in a cloudy pint glass waiting for roots to grow.  Stick it in the ground!  That’s all!  I can do this.  And it got me thinking, why not have a Succulent Party?  Think “Cookie Exchange” but instead of bringing 4 dozen baked items, bring a bucket full of yard cuttings?  Take a look at one of my favorites from the lot – uphorbia tirucalli or ‘Sticks on Fire’


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