Less is More

Have you heard about The Zero Waste Home?  This family accumulates less than a 1/2 gallon of garbage each year!  Does this seem impossible to you in this modern world of take it and toss it?  Well, they have an amazing blog full of tips and information to help you get there.  All the way there.  I will admit, it is a daunting concept, but we can all do a few more things to help out Mother Earth, right?  I’ve adapted some of my favorites, all very simple, from their long list of helpful tips.  Maybe you’ll get inspired to make a few easy changes, too!

  • Reinvent your leftovers before they go bad. Stir fry, anyone?
  • Reuse single-side printed paper for grocery shopping and errands list
  • Collect water in a bucket while your shower heats and water your plants with it
  • Open your oven after baking in the winter (cool your oven, warm your house)…
  • Put a brick in your toilet tank (reduces water usage) and use power strips on your appliances and electronics to reduce “vampire power” for pete’s sake!
  • Use zero waste cleaning: microfiber cloths for mirrors, hydrogen peroxide for mold, baking soda as scrub, a mix of baking soda and vinegar as drain cleaner
  • Let houseplants absorb toxins and clean your air. Open a window instead of plugging in an air freshener.
  • Use ceramic dishes, cloth dinner napkins and cloth cocktail napkins at all times – you’ll like shopping for these pretty things, anyway, and they’ll bring a smile to your face whenever you entertain 🙂
  • Bring a jar of a homemade consumable, or your favorite bulk item wrapped in Furoshiki (I didn’t know what it was, either, it’s basically a large, pretty cloth napkin) as a hostess gift. Give the gift of an experience as a birthday present…she’ll love that pedicure~
  • Start your personal junk mail war, cancel your phone directories, and sign up for electronic bills and statements.  I’ve been super happy with Catalog Choice for reducing unwanted mail: https://www.catalogchoice.org/

Check out this amazing family on The Today Show!



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