Steal this Deal!

When I started planning a nursery for our baby’s life on the outside, we had four priorities:


1. Peaceful

2. Gender neutral

3. As natural and non-toxic as possible

4. Affordable

The choices out there can be overwhelming, but when attempting to stay within these parameters, it truly seemed like a needle in the haystack search, unless we had an unlimited cash.  Which wasn’t the case.  So, as I always do, I started thinking outside the box and getting creative.  For example, we had an old credenza from our days in Chicago that we’d gotten at a thrift or antique shop for cheap.  It was dark and dingy when we purchased it, but we stripped it, pulled off the hardware and finished it with a natural, non-toxic oil.  With some new hardware it became a perfect changing table/low dresser (see photo).  I then fell in love with pretty much everything from local LA designers at Amenity Home, so we hit up their sample sale and found large pieces of printed fabric for $5.  I had a local seamstress turn a couple of them into pillows and then stretched the largest one over a new art canvas and had a beautiful piece of art for a total of $25 (shown in photo)!   Moral of the story?  Repurpose furniture, shop vintage and sample sales, and get creative… You can do it, I know it!


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