When “catch and release” is not an option

We love animals in our house.  And while we seem to have more room in our hearts for the four-legged, furry variety, we try our best to at least practice tolerance with the ones that fly, buzz, and crawl the wall.  When we encounter a spider or bug we typically catch it quickly in a cup and release it out the door (usually, far away, maybe even in our neighbor’s yard…shhhh!).  When it comes to an army of ants, we have found no reliable way of containing all of them and we just want them gone.  In one of our homes, we even had to resort to keeping all of our sweet or sugary products in the refrigerator because ants had become such a nuisance.  We all know the dangers of pesticides, so I was thrilled when my friend gave me this hot tip for stopping ants in their tracks, safely: fruit and veggie wash!  Simply spray this in the area of concern, and problem solved.  Thank me later 🙂


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