Miracle in a bottle. I mean it.

Where has this product been all my life???  I had tried everything on my beautiful wool carpet but nothing would take the stubborn spots out.  Some stains are even named.  I remember the time our handyman accidentally got the first big smudge on our pristine rug…he felt so badly about it, and I affectionately named the spot after him: “Melvin.”  After much trial and error with natural concoctions, I resorted to some harsh stuff (so against my “green” conscience) as a last resort and still the spots prevailed.  Then, one day, the Folex Carpet Spot Remover bottle caught my eye…it’s a no-frills, nondescript, boring bottle, which to me is like a badge of honor.  People are buying this stuff even though it is completely devoid of sparkly, eye-catching packaging tested in market research panels for efficacy.  It’s old-school.  Another mark in its favor?  I found it at my local Gelson’s – this overpriced grocery store has a limited selection of its favorites, their “tried and trues,” and sometimes they really know what they’re talking about.  So, I gave it a shot.  The directions called for rubbing the product in with my fingers and then blotting with a clean cloth, and instantly the stains were gone!  I really, really hope it’s as non-toxic as it claims to be because I am a believer.


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