Before you do any shopping…

The Holidays are here!  And in that post-Halloween lull, advertising starts heating up.  Can you feel it?  Has the Holiday shopping rush begun too early this year?  There seems to be lots of news coverage of stores opening earlier than before, trying to grab those early shoppers as early as possible to get the biggest bang for their 4th quarter earnings, and expectations are high.  I, myself, have never been one for the day after Thanksgiving, in-person, door-buster frenzy.  But, one year my husband and I ventured out, before sunrise, on an extremely cold morning in Minneapolis to get a $200 laptop of some sort.  It was exciting, the promise of great deals, and standing in line waiting for the store to open, hot chocolate in hand…  First problem was, we were too early for any of the coffee shops, so a warm beverage was not an option.  Second problem?  Laptops were gone with the first 20 customers.   But we were able to load up on batteries and extension cords.   Usable?  Yes.  Giftable?  Not exactly.  And, SO not worth getting up at 5am to stand in a long, cold line.  Though, who am I to say!

My advice?  Sleep in, invite family and friends for brunch and DO IT ONLINE!  And while you’re at it, before you click all the way through your order, google that online shop and do a fast search for any deals you might be missing.  On a recent Land of Nod purchase, I found a free shipping code that saved me nearly $60. is a deal-listing favorite of mine, but there are others.  Special tip: include the current year, and maybe even month, to get the most relevant results.  Happy shopping!


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